Tenant Handbook

Recovery Procedures

  • Following an event that may have caused property damage to the building, the Engineer and other Property Management Team members will inspect all tenant spaces as soon as possible following the event and prior to some tenants’ re-entry into the building. This is done as a safety measure to tenants.
  • Any unsafe areas will be addressed by the Property Management Team and repairs MAY be made prior to the tenants’ return in order to mitigate any further damages.
  • Verbal reports, as able, will be made to those tenants that incurred any property damage to their spaces so you can contact your property insurer as soon as possible.
  • Depending on the degree of damage, photos will be taken as determined by Property Management.
  • It is advised that upon the tenants’ return, to take photos of all damage and make written inventory of items damaged. These should be sent to your insurer and available to Property Management if requested.
  • Please advise your insurer as to the extent of damage and they will advise as to whether your adjuster may need to visit your space. Property Management will assist adjusters as able in entering the tenants’ spaces and evaluating damages to tenant items and landlord items.
  • Landlord’s insurer may also require access to tenant spaces to assess damages.