Tenant Handbook

Security Notice

Observance of the following suggestions will be helpful and mutually beneficial for all tenants and visitors:

  1. Notify the Property Management Office if suspicious persons are observed anywhere on the building property.
  2. Report any and all solicitors to the Property Management Office.
  3. When there is no one in your suite, do not leave the door unlocked, even for a short time.
  4. Handbags, coats and other articles of value should not be left unguarded in a tenant reception area.
  5. Valuable articles of personal property should not be left on desks, unlocked drawers or in vehicles parked on the building property.
  6. Keys should be collected from terminated employees and the Property Management Office should be notified immediately of any personnel changes.
  7. Make sure that exterior suite doors are closed and locked upon leaving your office.  Do not rely exclusively upon janitorial or security personnel to secure your premises.
  8. If you plan to have visitors in your office area other than during regular working hours, please provide written authority to the Property Management Office.
  9. Keep corridor doors closed at all times.

Please ensure that all employees observe these guidelines in order to maintain the privacy and security of all building tenants. We recommend that the above suggestions be copied and distributed to your employees periodically.